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Rental "M.Y Mobile Phone" For international students.
M.Y Mobile Phone is a hybrid of "PHS" and "IP Phone".
           Lowest overseas call charges in Japan.
Actual products may differ from the image above.
Actual products may differ from the image above.
Free call to PHS 24/7, Free E-Mail, Initial cost only 1,000 JPY & Basic monthly fee 3,675JPY
4 day shipping
Call charge iex.j
     16 JPY/min.ito domestic fixed line in Japanj
     27 JPY/min.ito domestic mobiles of other carriers in Japanj
     16 JPY/min.ioverseas call to North America,China,South Korea,Taiwan,Vietnam,Thailand, etc.j
Short term contracts are available to accommodate international student ,
                      in duration of 1 , 3 , 6 and 12 months.
 Rental Period      Total                  Rental charges
  P month   PS,OOO JPY  Basic fee                      5,000 JPY
 Deposit                         5,000 JPY
 Advanced call charge        3,000 JPY
 Contract charge              1,000 JPY
  R months   PV,OOO JPY  Basic fee                       3,675 JPY  ~ @3
 Advanced call charge        4,975 JPY
 Contract charge              1,000 JPY
  U months   RO,OOO JPY  Basic fee                       3,675 JPY  ~ @6
 Advanced call charge        6,950 JPY
 Contract charge              1,000 JPY
 PQ months   TT,OOO JPY  Basic fee                       3,675 JPY  ~  12
 Advanced call charge        9,900 JPY
 Contract charge              1,000 JPY
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